Diy Leaves books

cut it yourself

At Studio ROOF, we love creating a colourful and imaginative world out of paper and cardboard! Together with stylist Inès Beeftink, we have put together this DIY leaf book enabling you to set to work with a pair of scissors and paper yourself to add some leafy flair to the world around you.

We made a short movie about the DIY books for you to get inspired! Take a look!

In the studio - Ines Beeftink

This cheerful book contains six unique ideas to decorate both your home and yourself with exotic and native leaves. From party bunting to headdress, from leaf art to herbarium, you can cut it all yourself!

Headdress - Coloured leaves books

There is need to go looking for beautiful paper, because for each styling idea, you can use the matching paper we have included behind the photographs.

Cut, create and enjoy!