A home in India

Our product 'People of the World' embraces people that come from all quarters of the globe.
In the designs, we try to capture our fascination with the diversity and beauty of the peoples
in the world. Not literally, but through personal interpretation. The central theme is the strength
and pride of every people on earth. The wonderful differences between people, who all dream
about the same things: love, the future and new adventures.


While we were designing the People of the World we began to feel the need to also commit
ourselves to the world in a different way. When Romy’s yoga teacher talked about her charity that
supports a home for children in India, it was a quick decision to donate 5% of the proceeds of
People of the World to the NGO Karm Marg. 


Karm Marg has been providing a nurturing home for children who cannot be looked after
by their own parents for twenty years. More information about the foundation can be found
on the website www.karmmarg.org.

Should you wish to make a contribution to this beautiful project, it is very easy to do so via
the following link:

Romy & Ilya
Studio ROOF